Little Girls have Pretty Curls, but . . .

. . . I like Orioles.  That charming little advertising jingle, usually seen as part of the Nabisco Oreo cookie advertisements on Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color when I was a small child, usually surfaces in my consciousness whenever my wife calls out “Oriole!” to announce a visitor to the back yard.  In this case a nice, male Bullock’s Oriole.

First sighting . . .

Getting down to the business of eating . . .

Pretty boy . . .

The Desert Museum Palo Verde trees in our yard attract admiring glances from most observers.  In spring, their abundance of blossoms also attracts flying visitors, much to our delight.

Yellow in Spring Time

Without a doubt, once the reds of the Parry’s Penstemon blossoms recede, yellow becomes the dominant color in our yard.

Cat's Claw commanding the outer wall on the West.


Desert Marigolds


Brittle Bush


Palo Verde blossoms watching from above.

Valentine’s Day 2012

Surprise Snow Flurry

Despite our recent temperatures in the 70’s, February is always a little early to declare that Winter is over.  A few minutes after these pictures were taken, the bright sun returned.  But, this certainly was a novelty.

View from the Front Patio
Backyard Feeder

The humming birds were only temporarily inconvenienced.