They’re Back!

Male Lazuli Bunting

Lady facing the camera

This post marks the start of this year’s visit by the Lazuli Buntings, which began about a week ago.

These are not new pictures.  Hopefully, we will get more soon of these gorgeous birds that seem to enjoy the Palo Verde blossoms even more than […]

Spring Has Sprung – 2015

As usual, Sheryl’s wild flowers are the stars of the show.

Ordinarily, we try to post some kind of a description of each image, but this time we will just say, “Here is a small group of snapshots of the front yard.”


New Year’s Day – 2015

This morning, Sheryl took this picture of a lady Costa’s hummingbird.

Our New Year’s Eve rain turned to snow leaving behind a two inch accumulation.  Undaunted, this lady Costa’s hummingbird visits the early blooming Parry’s Penstemon flowers for […]