Preparing for Christmas 2012!

Every year, it seems like commercial preparations for Christmas start earlier and earlier.  That’s probably alright.  Even Mother Nature needs a little lead time to ensure success.

Last year’s Poinsettia

Last year, one of our great neighbors presented us with a lovely Poinsettia plant.  It stayed “in bloom” for many weeks.  Eventually, we planted it in an outdoor pot.  It took a while to understand the correct levels of sunlight and water needed.  But, eventually we realized that direct Tucson sun is too much and placed it in this more sheltered location.  It will probably be spectacular again this year.


Getting closer to Christmas (November 27, 2012)

Poinsettia on 12-7-2012 still happy outside despite lower night time temperatures

Not to be outdone, the Hibiscus is also producing blossoms!

In the cooler weather, these blossoms sometimes last two days!

Yes, it is necessary to protect the plant by moving it into the garage for the night each evening.


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