Spring Returns in Earnest – 2012

Lady Hummer enjoying Parry’s Penstamon.

Each year we have several “false springs” when the temperatures rise and we are sure the cold days are gone.  Admittedly, middle 60’s probably isn’t “cold” to everyone.  But this is Tucson, Arizona.  The early wild flower displays in our yard encourage that thinking.  But, it is not until now, late in February, that warm spring weather is reliable.  This lady C0sta’s hummingbird is, like us, a year-round resident.  And, like us, she is very pleased to see all the Parry’s Penstamon appear like magic.

The lady “gets into her work”.

Parry’s Penstamon have pretty much taken over the front yard.  This is a good thing, especially in the view of the hummingbirds who cheerfully abandon the feeders to sip nectar from the thousands of new blooms that suddenly appear.

Parry’s Penstamon successfully “take over” the front yard.

The transformation from a few blossoms here and there to a full fledged Penstamon invasion is always a pleasant surprise.

Brittle Bush and friends.

 The Brittle Bush has not become smaller, compared to earlier pictures.  the Penstamon are just reaching for the blue, sunny sky.

Leaning out into the driveway.

Perhaps it’s useful to have a concrete driveway to hold back the cheerful invaders.  Otherwise, it might not be possible to get in and out of the garage without trampling blossoms.

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