The Answer is 42

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Who are we to argue with Douglas Adams’ four book trilogy that provided the answer to “Life, the Universe and Everything” as 42. Expressed in miles, that is also the bicycle ride distance when various under-trained body parts start to complain and a cold drink starts to sound like a really good idea.

Today, the first of our vacation, we managed to ride the Scott 42 miles, not as fast as earlier this year before spending too much time in the office, but at a reasonable pace for just loafing along.  Tomorrow and the rest of the week offers the promise of more of the same.

Eddy, the Scott’s onboard computer, provides the readouts pictured below.  That odometer mileage total counts the miles on the Scott Addict we purchased a little less than 13 months ago from Paul Carbone’s nearby Oro Valley Bicycle Shop.

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