Las Vegas

Whenever you ask Mike, “How’s it going?” you can expect to hear something positive like he “would have to be two people for life to be any better” . . . or some similar expression of optimism and pleasure that minimizes whatever “small” challenges he might be facing working on one of his beloved Mercedes-Benz or dealing with some other complexity of modern life.

Mike's 560sec enroute to Las Vegas

Mike’s 560sec enroute to Las Vegas

The picture above is from Mike’s trip to Las Vegas long before he and his wife became permanent residents there.  A good time was had by all despite some unexpected adventures.

I remember working with Mike on Long Island where he was often known as 60 Megacycle Michael.  That was before megaherz became the proper term to express frequencies and was a good reflection of his energy and enthusiasm.  We were younger then.

Mike and his wife have since lived on both coasts before their move to Las Vegas.  The years have not slowed Mike down much and conversations are always a pleasure.

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