Little Girls have Pretty Curls, but . . .

. . . I like Orioles.  That charming little advertising jingle, usually seen as part of the Nabisco Oreo cookie advertisements on Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color when I was a small child, usually surfaces in my consciousness whenever my wife calls out “Oriole!” to announce a visitor to the back yard.  In this case a nice, male Bullock’s Oriole.

First sighting . . .

Getting down to the business of eating . . .

Pretty boy . . .

The Desert Museum Palo Verde trees in our yard attract admiring glances from most observers.  In spring, their abundance of blossoms also attracts flying visitors, much to our delight.

Lazuli Bunting Visit

Sunday morning, we just had the most fascinating birds “drop in” for a visit during their trip north.  They seem shy and very quiet.  Their enthusiasm for the Palo Verde blossoms carpeting the back yard was obvious, as you can see in the pictures my wife captured below.

Pretty Boy!

Lovely Lady



Lady Facing the Camera

Younger Male

They have been back once again rather late in the afternoon today, but the few pictures I snapped were not well lit nor particularly impressive.  We will keep watching for them.

Quail at Easter 2011

First Mother Quail of the 2011 Season Arrives

Each year we look forward eagerly to the return of nesting quail, who frequently bring their young to the back yard for food and water.  This year a small family appeared very early.

"Mom" and chicks in their first appearance

We will now just present the pictures taken during their visit, mostly without comment and in the order taken.

Scratching demonstraton

The kids noticed the water without any prompting

Drinks all around

Follow mom's lead

Look what mom found





Peck again

Hot work . . . gather in mom's shade

Back to eating


Don't look now, but there's dad

Heading for cover

Mom's keeping track

Off we go . . .

There should be more visits very soon . . .